Profit with Viega PureFlow® System

Viega can help Winsupply Local Companies ramp up your business with Viega PureFlow System products. Spend $7,500 on PureFlow tubing, press fittings or crimp fittings and receive a PureFlow power tool (choose press or crimp-enabled jaws) to use as a loaner at
your distribution location.

Loaner Tool Program Guidelines

Tools redeemed in this promotion are intended for use in a loaner tool program at your Local Company location. The tool must be accessible to customers that can be identified as potential Viega PureFlow Press or Crimp conversions from their current method of joining. Here’s what else you need to know about the loaner tool program:

  • A distributor should create a check-out sheet for the tool, so it can be tracked at all times.
  • Loaner tools should be made available for as long as necessary so a contractor can properly complete a job using Viega products.
  • Name and contact information of all customers using the loaner tools must be provided to Viega.
  • Loaner tools are to be loaned to end users using Viega products only.
  • Distributors will not charge the end-user for loaner tools.
  • Distributors must provide information regarding their sales percentage increase for Viega PureFlow products as a direct result of loaning out the tool.
  • Viega District Managers or your local representative will work with distributors to support the loaner tool program and run counter days to promote the loaner tools.
Terms and conditions:

This campaign is for distributors. Promotion reward is a Milwaukee M18™ Short Throw Press Tool with PureFlow press or crimp jaw set (up to a $800 value).Tools must be used in a loaner tool program. The campaign applies to valid Viega products purchased between April 1, 2018 through April 30, 2018 within Viega LLC’s serviceable area from a qualified Viega distributor. The above reward is offered when campaign steps are completed fully as identified. Limit of three (3) redemptions per distributor (not per location). Inventory purchased may not be returned. While supplies last, 50 tools available for this promotion. To qualify, you must be an existing approved stocking distributor, or converting to an approved stocking distributor. All rewards must be submitted in their entirety (redemption form and qualified invoice) before April 30, 2018 or they are no longer valid for redemption. The tool will be shipped to the local District Manager or local representative who will hand-deliver the tool to the participating distributor.

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